APET 800mm Single Layer 350kw Pet Sheet Production Line

Basic Information
Place of Origin: P.R.China
Brand Name: ACEMIEN
Certification: CE
Model Number: ACMPET02
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD150000-USD200000
Packaging Details: Seaworthy Wood Case Packing
Delivery Time: 45 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
Raw Material: APET, CPET, RPET, PETG In Pellet Or Flakes Extruder: ACM75
Width Of Products: On Line Roll 800mm, And Can Be Splitted Offline Products Thickness: 0.3-1.0mm
Install Power: 350KW Calender Cool Method: 15HP Water Chiller
Voltage: Can Be Customized PLC Control: Available
Winding: 2 Working Position Production Capacity: 450kgs/hr Maximum
Extruder Type: Parallel Twin Scew Automation Degree: Fully Automatic
Touch Screewn: Siemens10 Inches Electrical Control Appliance: Reliable Famous Brand Such As Siemens,ABB,Schneider,LS,Omron,Carlos
Line Speed: 20m/min As Per Sheet Thickness
High Light:

800MM pet sheet production line


350kw pet sheet production line


APET sheet production line

The Difference Among APET, CPET, RPET and PETG
PETG is a highly transparent co-polyester plastic raw material. Owing to its high transparency, good toughness and impact strength, excellent low temperature toughness, high tear resistance and good processing performance, excellent chemical resistance, it can be processed by traditional extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and blister molding methods, and is widely used in the market of sheet materials, high-performance shrink films, bottles and profiles; PETG scraps can be used to produce toys, household utensils and medical supplies, etc.; it has passed the US FDA's food contact standards and can be used in food, medicine, Cosmetic packaging and other fields.
APET is a kind of blister packing material, whose chemical name is non-crystalline polyethylene terephthalate. APET blister packing material named polyester sheet (PETSHEET), which also called polyester hard tape, is a thermoplastic environmentally friendly plastic product, its side material and waste can be recycled. The chemical elements consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen which have the same element like paper, so it is classified as degradable plastic. After the packaging products made of this material are discarded, they eventually biodegraded into water and carbon dioxide. APET environmental protection film is widely used in packaging, cosmetics, food, electronics, toys, printing and other industries, such as various high-end blister packaging, folding boxes, plastic tubes, window films, etc. A typical application is heat shrinkable polyester film. The advantages of APET are as follows: Firstly, it has good folding resistance. APET film will not show self-cracking creases like other materials, and is more suitable for surface decoration such as documents; Secondly, it has a lighter specific gravity, and APET has a higher specific gravity than ordinary materials. 3.7% lower; Thirdly, APET film has high transparency, especially good gloss; Fourthly about high strength, the strength of APET film is more than 20% higher than others; Fifthly, low temperature resistance, it can withstand tens of degrees below zero and will not be brittle. Therefore, APET products have the characteristics of pollution-free, crystal-free, high transparency, good finish, and strong impact resistance. APET can be widely used in blister, folding boxes, cylinders and other exquisite packaging and various printing windows.
RPET, namely recycled PET, is an environmentally friendly material, we can get it from collected mineral water bottles.
CPET, is crystalled PET.
APET 800mm Single Layer 350kw Pet Sheet Production Line 0
PET Sheet Production Line Machine List

1Extruder1 SetParallel ACM75 132Kw motor
2Screw Loader1 SetFor feeding ACM75 extruder
3Screw changer1 Set2 working position
4Mould1 Set1000mm
5Metering pump1 Set 
63 Roll Calender1 SetMirror surface
7Calender temperature controller1 Set 
8Cooling bracket1 Set 
9Side trimmer1 Set2 pcs at both side, roller knives
10Waste PET strip winder1 SetBoth side
11Silicone oil greasing unit1 SetFor PET sheet protection purpose
12Heating oven1 Set3 blocks
132 roller tractor1 Set 
142 working position winder1 SetContinuous rolling
15Electrical cabinet1 Set 
16Lifting dryer1 SetFor PET raw material moisture removing

APET 800mm Single Layer 350kw Pet Sheet Production Line 1
APET 800mm Single Layer 350kw Pet Sheet Production Line 2
APET 800mm Single Layer 350kw Pet Sheet Production Line 3
Application Field 

1. In terms of film and sheet
All kinds of food, medicine, non-toxic and sterile packing materials; high-end packaging materials for textiles, precision instruments, electrical components; base materials for audio tapes, video tapes, movie films, computer floppy disks, metal coatings and photosensitive films; electrical insulation Materials, capacitor films, flexible printed circuit boards and membrane switches and other electronic and mechanical fields.
2. Application of packing bottles
Its application has been developed from the initial carbonated beverage to the present beer bottle, edible oil bottle, condiment bottle, medicine bottle, cosmetic bottle, etc.
3. Electronic appliances
Manufacture of connectors, coil bobbins, integrated circuit shells, capacitor shells, transformer shells, TV accessories, tuners, switches, timer shells, automatic fuses, motor brackets, relays, etc.
4. Auto parts
Such as switchboard covers, ignition coils, various valves, exhaust parts, distributor covers, measuring instrument covers, small motor covers, etc. The excellent paintability, surface gloss and rigidity of PET can also be used to manufacture automotive exterior parts .
5. Mechanical equipment
Manufacturing gears, cams, pump housings, pulleys, motor frames and watch parts, and can also be used as microwave oven bakeware, various ceilings, outdoor billboards and models, etc.
The molding process of PET plastic can be injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, coating, bonding, machining, electroplating, vacuum metal plating, and printing.

After-Sales Policy
1 Technical documents
All the symbols on the equipments should be in English. Seller is responsible to provide general layout plan, electric plan, installation direction, and manual book in English to Buyer on time.
2. Quantity and quality guarantee
a. Quantity/Quality Discrepancy to destination port during transportation:
In case of quality/quantity discrepancy to destination port in transportation, customer should file claim within 30 days after the arrival of the goods at port of destination. Insurance company and shipping company will be responsible for any discrepancy of the goods caused by shipping company and other transportation organization and/or post office.
b. Guarantee period and after-sales services: 12 months since date of bill of lading
During this guarantee period, ACEMIEN will provide spare parts without any charge in case of quality discrepancy caused by us. If the malfunctions are caused by your incorrect operations, ACEMIEN will provide the buyer spare parts at cost price.
c. Long-term service:
ACEMIEN will charge the buyer cost price of spare parts beyond one year and provide long-term technical guide.
APET 800mm Single Layer 350kw Pet Sheet Production Line 4

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