HDPE PPR PP PE Pipe Machine , Plastic Pipe Making Machine Single Screw

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ACEMIEN
Certification: CE
Model Number: ACE008
Minimum Order Quantity: 1SET
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden case and film packaged
Delivery Time: 60 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
Screw Design: Single Screw Raw Material: PP PE HDPE PPR
Pipe Diameter: 20-160mm Inverter: ABB
Contactor: Schnerder, Siemens Usage: Water Pipe
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plastic pipe extrusion machine


plastic pipe production line

HDPE PPR PP PE Pipe Machine For Plastic Pipe Making Machine


Performance advantage

A good pipeline should not only have good economy, but also have a series of advantages such as stable and reliable interface, material resistance to impact, anti-cracking, anti-aging and anti-corrosion.

Advantages of HDPE piping system:

1. Reliable connection: the polyethylene pipe system is connected by electric hot melt, and the strength of the joint is higher than that of the pipe body.

2, good low-temperature impact resistance: polyethylene of low temperature brittle temperature is extremely low, can be in 60-60 ℃ temperature range for safe use.Winter construction, due to the impact resistance of the material is good, will not occur pipe brittle crack.

3, good stress cracking resistance: HDPE has low notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent scratch resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance is also very outstanding.

4, good chemical corrosion resistance: HDPE pipeline can be resistant to a variety of chemical medium corrosion, the presence of chemicals in the soil will not cause any degradation of the pipeline.Polyethylene is an electrical insulator, so it will not rot, rust or electrochemical corrosion phenomenon;Nor does it promote growth of algae, bacteria or fungi.

5. Aging resistance and long service life: the polyethylene pipe containing 2-2.5% carbon black evenly distributed can be stored outdoors or used for 50 years without being damaged by ultraviolet radiation.

6. Good wear resistance: the comparison test of wear resistance between HDPE pipe and steel pipe shows that the wear resistance of HDPE pipe is 4 times of that of steel pipe.In the field of mud transportation, HDPE pipes have better wear resistance than steel pipes, which means longer service life and better economy of HDPE pipes.

7, acid and alkaline resistance: HDPE pipe has a strong resistance to chemical erosion, not affected by soil or pH value in the range of 1.5 to 14 pollutants.

8, good flexibility: the flexibility of HDPE pipe makes it easy to bend, engineering can change the way the pipeline around the obstacles, in many cases, the flexibility of the pipeline can reduce the amount of pipe fittings and reduce the cost of installation.

Low flow resistance: the HDPE pipe has a smooth inner surface with a manning coefficient of 0.009.Smooth performance and non-adhesive characteristics ensure that HDPE pipes have higher delivery capacity than traditional pipes, while reducing pipeline pressure loss and water transmission energy consumption.

10. Easy handling: HDPE pipe is lighter than concrete pipe, galvanized pipe and steel pipe. It is easy to handle and install.

11, a variety of new construction methods: HDPE pipe has a variety of construction technology, in addition to the traditional excavation method may be used for construction, can also use a variety of new trenchless technologies such as pipe jacking, directional drilling, liner, in the form of pipe and construction, for some do not allow the excavation sites, is a good choice, so the HDPE pipe wider application fields.


Machine list & Quotation

No. Name Qty.
1 Vacuum feeder 200kg/h 1set
2 Plastic hopper dryer 100kg/h 1set
3 SJ60 single screw extruder 1set
4 Mould 1set
5 Co- extruder 25/25 1set
6 Two chambers Vacuum Calibration tank 1set
7 Spray cooling tank 2sets
8 Two claws haul-off 1set
9 Uplift saw cutter 1set
10 Stacker 1set
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