220KW Conical Twin Screw 550kgs/H PVC Foam Making Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: P.R.China
Brand Name: ACEMIEN
Certification: CE
Model Number: ACMPVCF03
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD60000-USD100000
Packaging Details: Seaworthy Wood Case Packing
Delivery Time: 45 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
Raw Material: PVC Resin, Calcium Carbonate ETC Extruder: SJZ92/188
Width Of Products: 915mm,1020mm,1220mm,Max 2000mm Products Thickness: Usually 5-40mm
Install Power: 220KW Recycle Cooling Water: 35HP Water Chiller Or More Required
OEM: Yes Voltage: 380V 50HZ Or Customized
PLC Control: Available Central Height: Usually 1 Meter
Saw Dust: Collection Device Available Production Capacity: 550kgs/hr Maximum
Extruder Typle: Conical Twin Screw Automation Degree: Fully Automatic With PLC Installed
Touch Screewn: Siemens10 Inches Electrical Control Appliance: Reliable Famous Brand Such As Siemens,ABB,Schneider,LS,Omron,Carlos
Line Speed: 0.2-4m/min As Per Board Thickness
High Light:

550kgs/H PVC Foam Making Machine


Conical PVC Foam Making Machine


4m/Min Foam Plate Making Machine

550kg/h 1020mm PVC Free Foaming Board Making Machine for Commercial Application


Difference Between Rigid and Free foaming PVC Foam Board


The PVC foam board, as we know, can also be called rigid PVC microporous foam material, which can be divided into PVC free foam board and PVC crust foam board according to different production processes. In fact, the difference of these two production lines only lie in the extrusion foaming process.


⑴Free-foaming: Free-foaming means that the melt expands freely as soon as it leaves the die, and immediately, it enters the larger calibration device. Free foaming causes all cells to be formed on the cross-section of the extrudate, and the growth of surface cells is restricted by cooling, and finally a product with continuous density, moderate hardness and smooth surface is formed. The advantage of this method is that the process is simple, and is suitable for producing products with a thickness of 2-6mm, simple geometric shapes, and matte surfaces (such as pipes, sheets and profiles with simple geometric shapes).


⑵Inward-foaming method,which can be called crust foaming method or Celuka method (Celuka method). is a special die with a core inside used to divert the plasticized material. The calibration device is connected very closely with the die, and its outer contour is the same as the die. When the material is fed into the sizing sleeve before the entrance of the mold, the melt containing the foaming agent enters the cooling sizing sleeve as soon as it leaves the mouth film, and undergoes rapid cooling on the entire surface, thereby preventing the formation and extrusion of surface cells from any swelling in the cross section of the object. Thereby forming a skin layer on the surface cooling. At the same time, the core in the die makes the cavity created in the semi-finished product filled with the foam formed by the remaining melt, which means a process foaming inside. By controlling the cooling intensity, products with a surface layer thickness of 0.1-10mm and a product wall thickness greater than 6mm can be obtained. This method can produce profiled materials with complex cross-sectional shapes, and the products have the characteristics of smooth surface, high hardness, and low core area density. In addition, by combining the method and method ①, a product can be obtained with a skin on one side and a free state on the other side.

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PVC Crust Foam Board Machine List

No. Machine Quantity Remarks
1 High Speed Hot and Cooling Mixer 1 Set SRL-Z300/600
2 Screw Loader 1 Set  
3 Extruder SJZ92 1 Set 110KW motor
4 Mould 1 Set 1300mm 
5 Cooling Calibration 1 Set 4 groups
6 Cooling Bracket 1 Set  
7 Tractor 1 Set with saw blade trimmer and dust collector
8 Cutter 1 Set with saw blade trimmer and dust collector
9 Stacker 1 Set   





Application Field 

PVC foam board,also known as Chevron board and Andy board, having two types: crust foaming and free foaming. PVC foam board is widely used in passenger car, train car roof, box core layer, interior decoration board, building exterior wall board, interior decoration board, office, residential, public building partition, commercial decoration frame, dust room boards, ceiling boards, screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, exhibition boards, sign boards, photo album boards and other industries and chemical anti-corrosion engineering, thermoformed parts, cold storage boards, special cold insulation engineering, environmental protection molds, sports equipment, breeding materials, seaside moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant materials, art materials and various lightweight partitions instead of glass ceilings. It has a wide range of uses and is increasingly popular with the public due to its relatively low price and superior performance.

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Products Features 

1,Noise proof and absorption, heat isulation, thermal keeping.

2,Fire retardent, burning will stop without open fire, safe for public use.

3,Waterproof, anti-mold, vibration reduction.

4,Weather resistant, color fastness durable.

5,Easy for transportation due to relatively light weight.

6,Available for heat treatment such as bending and folding.

7,Similar to wood material, possible to drill, saw, nail, planning, and bond.

8,It can be weld, and bonded to other PVC material.

9,It can be printed due to the smooth surface.



After-Sales Policy
1 Technical documents
All the symbols on the equipments should be in English. Seller is responsible to provide general layout plan, electric plan, installation direction, and manual book in English to Buyer on time.

2. Arrangement for inspection, installation and testing work
a. After all machines are delivered to customer's factory; Buyer is responsible for all preparation work, e.g. electricity supply, water supply, labors and cranes, etc.
b. ACEMIEN will prepare for visa application for their engineers, who are responsible for guide of machine installation and testing at the Buyer's factory.
c. The Buyer will buy the round-trip air ticket for Engineer if visa application is approved. The buyer is also responsible to bear expenses generated, e.g. visa formalities, meals, accommodation and allowance of USD80 per day for each engineer.
d. Engineer will give free training lessons to labors in buyer's factory.
e. If buyer doesn't request installation and commissioning by Seller's engineer in 4 months since date of bill of lading, which to be accounted all the machines has been successfully tested by buyer.

3. Quantity and quality guarantee
a. Quantity/Quality Discrepancy to destination port during transportation:
In case of quality/quantity discrepancy to destination port in transportation, customer should file claim within 30 days after the arrival of the goods at port of destination. Insurance company and shipping company will be responsible for any discrepancy of the goods caused by shipping company and other transportation organization and/or post office.
b. Guarantee period and after-sales services: 12 months since date of bill of lading
During this guarantee period, ACEMIEN will provide spare parts without any charge in case of quality discrepancy caused by us. If the malfunctions are caused by your incorrect operations, ACEMIEN will provide the buyer spare parts at cost price.
c. Long-term service:
ACEMIEN will charge the buyer cost price of spare parts beyond one year and provide long-term technical guide.

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